Welcome to the home of the MapRender project. MapRender is a Java based map rendering software comparable to Mapnik.

Why use MapRender?

  • Large compatibility with Mapnik XML (the Carto version of the German Openstreetmap Style acts as test reference)
  • More flexibility and better configurability for the rendering process.
  • Usage of the standard OSM Postgresql database
  • Integrated support of other datasources like SRTM height data or KML files
  • Easily expandable rendering pipeline with the possibility to implement new input datasources, output formats and layer filters.
  • Platform independent rendering process which supports Linux and Windows. And basically all other platforms running Java.
  • Better transparency of the rendering process through logging


Howto start?

The best way to start working with MapRender is the demo project. It does not require any prerequisites like installing a database and will basically run out of the box. You just need to download the current version of MapRender and follow the instructions. 


Map examples:

If you want to have a look at some example maps rendered by MapRender you can find them here: